Meet Your Incumbent, Erik Martin Dilan


· Career/legacy politician

· In the pocket of Big Real Estate, Rent Stabilization Association, REBNY bullies

· Corporate welfare for unaffordable “affordable housing”

· Illegally used his position to take an “affordable” apartment for which he earned too much[1]

· Kept vacant property count bill in committee when in City Council, leading Picture the Homeless to have a sleep out in front of his office.
1. New York Daily News , January 28, 201

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Assembly Platform 2020

Existing hashtag platforms I support:








Cancelling rent

Community Land Trusts

Public Bank

Release of All Nonviolent Drug Offenders

Ban Fracking Statewide

Shut down Indian Point

Reform Police, Prisons, Bail

Ranked-Choice Voting



Public Funding of Charter Schools

Poverty Pimps Profiteering Off the Government

Subsidies for Big Real Estate


Longtime activist member or ally of:

Picture the Homeless



Neighbors Together

New York City Homeless Union

New York City Community Land Initiative

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Meet Michael O’Meara, Whiniest Person on the Planet

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EPI Quiz: How Fair Is Your Job?

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Federal Campaign Issues

End Citizens United/corporate personhood

Create proportional representation voting systems

Restore Glass-Steagall banking restrictions

Medicare for All

Progressive taxation.

Sanctions for human rights abusing countries such as China, Malaysia, Israel, and Saudi Arabia

Nationwide version of Utah’s Housing First to end homelessness.

Abolishment of student debt.

Living wage jobs with reduced work hours and the right to form a union without hindrance from the employer

End the private prison system and the drug war. Free nonviolent drug offenders.

No wars with Iran, Russia, etc. Stop bombing countries without a declaration of war.

Abolishment of ICE and border passes for Mexican and Canadian citizens.

Expansion of public mass transit.

Ban hydrofracking.

Prison terms for legislators who (co-)sponsor bills that violate the Bill of Rights.

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Twitter Illegally Interferes with the Congressional Election

Little over a month after Twitter gave my campaign account a blue check for verification, and only a few weeks after they started tagging my posts as a candidate for House they have suspended it.

Twitter has shown previously with my personal account that they believe calling for someone’s torture is free speech, but that calling someone names for doing so is not.

They allow Donald Trump to call people names on a daily basis, but they censor the little guy, further proving that they have a far-right bias, in spite of Jack Dorsey’s claims to the contrary.


August 24, 2018
2:52 AM

Hello Scott Hutchins,

Your account, Hutchins4CD12 has been suspended for violating the Twitter Rules.

Specifically, for:

Violating our rules against abusive behavior.
You may not engage in the targeted harassment of someone, or incite other people to do so. We consider abusive behavior an attempt to harass, intimidate, or silence someone else’s voice.
Scott Hutchins
@dnim_eerf @profwolff You are utter scum because you think I should risk my life on a minimum wage job that will cause me abnormally excruciating pain and goes against the advice of doctors. If you were not a hypocrite, you would believe I have a legal right to torture you.
Scott Hutchins
@dnim_eerf @paulkrugman You are deranged.
Scott Hutchins
@dnim_eerf @paulkrugman Telling someone with a maser;s degree that he should torture and mutilate himself for minimum wage shows you to be insane, entitled scum.
Scott Hutchins
@dnim_eerf @profwolff Moron. I can’t pay rent.

Note that if you attempt to evade a permanent suspension by creating new accounts, we will suspend your new accounts. If you wish to appeal this suspension, please contact our support team.

Twitter, Inc. 1355 Market Street, Suite 900 San Francisco, CA 94103

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