NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio, Pro-Genocide “Progressive”

Warren Wilhelm, Jr., alias Bill De Blasio, serving his last year as New York City Mayor, who already demonstrated his support for genocide of people he considers undesirable by forcing the shelter homeless population back into already unsafe congregate shelters as delta and lambda variants of COVID-19 are on their way to a demographic only 14% vaccinated (I personally received my second dose on July 8 and am considered fully vaccinated as of today), announced his support for the internationally illegal occupation of the Palestinian territories by boycotting Ben & Jerry’s for ending sales in those territories.

The mayor’s asinine comment: “You cannot have peace if you undermine the economic reality and create division. I just believe it’s the absolute wrong approach and I don’t think Ben & Jerry’s should be doing that.”

It was Israel who attacked al-Aqsa Masjid and forcibly expelled Palestinians from their homes, resulting in a launch of rockets from Gaza, the majority of which were deflected by Iron Dome. Israel then proceeded to massacre hundreds of Palestinians, including about seventy children, by bombing the Gaza strip, a largely defenseless population whose rockets are little more than bottle rockets. In no way can Israel rationally be considered to be defending itself under the circumstances when they strike first, then massively retaliate with the world’s fifth largest army backed by the world’s largest army. It was also Israel, not Palestine, that violated the ceasefire agreement. This included an attack on a media building in which they alleged that Hamas was storing weapons. Israel claimed that they provided “smoking gun evidence” to Zionist U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, who said that he had not seen any evidence , clearly code for the evidence not actually existing but not wanting to admit it.

Israel’s new prime minister, Naftali Bennett, who is even more racist than Benjamin Netanyahu, who is still in the Knesset but no longer prime minister and embarrassed himself by sitting in the prime minister’s chair when he no longer was, declared the brand “anti-Semitic ice cream,” an imbecilic response for a company founded by Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, both Jewish, and whose upbringing made them conscious of the plight of marginalized people such as the Palestinians.

The mainstream media is failing in its job as the fourth estate by kowtowing to such far-right conservatism from De Blasio and Bennett as demonstrated in the uncritical response to their support for Israel’s continued violation of international law and genocide of the Palestinian people.

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The “Judge” Argument Against Voting Green FAILS!

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Pizza Ranking

Green pepper is my #2 favorite topping after mushrooms, which I’m quite sure will cost me the election.

So much bad to say about De Blasio and they attack him for pepperoni not being his favorite pizza topping. I don’t understand why people love processed pork so much.

New York has a closed primary, so no one needs to ask me about a mayoral endorsement. I was liking Morales until her anti-union and public funding for charter schools values became apparent.

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Fliers to Print and Distribute

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The Outgoing New York City Council Is Disgusting, and It Doesn’t Seem to Be Ashamed.

I learned late the week before last that Intro 146, a bill that would raise the limit on CityFHEPS housing vouchers to market rate and eliminate the five-year limit and income cliff. I and other activists have been fighting for years to fix these useless vouchers. The vouchers are the government agreeing to pay private landlords house homeless people. It’s been extensively documented by myself and others (see, for example, The Business of Homelessness, which I co-wrote with Picture the Homeless and shows my cot and locker when I was at CAMBA Opportunity House) that the city pays homeless shelters the equivalent of a luxury apartment, as much as $3,000 per month to provide a cot and a locker, some unhealthy food, and various staff that are largely useless and there just to collect a paycheck. The voucher provides landlords up to $800 for a room or $1,260 for an apartment for one person, neither of which is realistic in New York City, the only place the voucher has any standing. There are higher levels for apartments with more bedrooms based on family size that are similarly unrealistic. The program is limited to five years for each homeless client, and no one as allowed to make more than 200% of the federal poverty line, which for a single person in $25,760. The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal have noted the high levels of working poor living in New York City homeless shelters. In New York City, the minimum wage went up to $15 an hour ($31,000 a year at full-time) on December 31, 2018. That is also now the minimum wage in Long Island. Upstate, the minimum wage is $12.50 an hour as of December 31, 2020. All these have something in common—they are more than 200% of the federal poverty line for an individual. This explains why so many working poor are living in homeless shelters and why the eight temporary jobs I had while homeless would not have gotten me out of the shelter system even had they been permanent. I included these stats in a written plea to City Council Speaker Corey Johnson, who friended me on Facebook after we spoke after the passage of the Housing Not Warehousing Act in December 2018 but is no longer showing up on my friends list, and who at one point in his life was living in his car.

At a Neighbors Together meeting (via Zoom, of course) on May 20, we were told confidentially that Intro 146 had aged out of committee with no changes about a week after we stage a demonstration outside Corey Johnson’s apartment, directly across from the LGBT Community Center on 13th Street, the previous week where we unsuccessfully tried to get him to emerge from his apartment during the City Council stated meeting (also over Zoom), so it was a time to celebrate homeless people finally getting justice. A Neighbors Together celebratory picnic is still scheduled for the upcoming week.

We were then invited to attend a press conference at 12:30 PM on May 25 at 225 E 104 Street. It took me more than the hour and ten minutes I allotted to get there from home, but I found it rather disturbing that the press conference was at a Women In Need (WIN) shelter, and Christine Quinn, CEO of WIN, was being given so much floor time. Quinn was the Speaker of the City Council under Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and it was she who orchestrated his third term candidacy after the people of New York City voted to limit all mayors to two terms. Quinn is, quite simply, a homelessness profiteer (I understand the same is true of Johnson’s mother in Boston) who permanently (and illegally) expelled Picture the Homeless from City Council chambers so long as she was speaker for disrupting meetings demanding a city-sponsored vacant property count during a stated meeting, insisting that it would cost “millions and millions of dollars,” which PTH proceeded to disprove by counting a third of the city’s vacant property on a shoestring. This happened while I was in Jacksonville and was what made me want to join Picture the Homeless. Marcus Moore, who was already a long time member of Picture the Homeless, was allowed to speak at the press conference representing the Homeless Can’t Stay Home campaign, and he flashed Picture the Homeless’s report stating that we had been fighting City Council since 2004, much of which was fighting Speaker Quinn. Much ado was made at the press conference on how CityFHEPS was now effectively a city version of Section 8 in which no one would have to spend more than 30% of their income on rent, whatever their income might be. The idea was that you would continue to be in the program until 30% of your income would cover the rent.

When the press conference wrapped, Annie Carforo had all of the Neighbors Together people (including three Picture the Homeless members, Maria Teresa Walles, Marcus Moore, and myself) pose for a group photo with the bill’s author, Stephen Levin, who after which reminisced about sitting down with Maria and I several years earlier to discuss the bill and what it needed to entail. I noted again how ridiculous my situation was, in which even minimum wage work would send me back to living in the shelter unless I made far more than I ever have previously to not be rent-burdened If I made $25,761, my rent would be 93.17% of my income. As it is, the federal government defines “severely rent burdened” as paying more than 50% of one’s income on rent, and anything more than 30% as “rent burdened.” Ninety-three point seven is simply an astronomical percentage of one’s income to spend on rent. When this apartment was found for me, I was told that I could be sanctioned from the shelter system if I didn’t take it, and even if I were not, the likelihood of being presented with another 1-bedroom unit was negligible. A 1-bedroom rather than a studio was so important to me so that I could move my property out of storage, so I accept no blame for the $1,999 a month cost for the apartment before electricity. Levin said he thought the current provisions were “insane.”

After hobbling on my cane for several hours afterward trying to find a TD Bank with a notary for my Certificate of Acceptance to run as Green Party candidate for City Council because I generally have not been using unlimited ride Metrocards, which was due that night along with the petitions I’ve been spending the last month collecting in order to get on the ballot, I spent much of my Tuesday resting and missed an emergency meeting call from Neighbors Together’s Amy Blumsack, who filled me in via e-mail that the bill had gone through last-minute changes in what was apparently a shady backroom deal in order to reinstate the five-year limit and income cliff.

We were going to have our own celebratory press conference at City Hall Park on May 27, the day of the vote. Instead, Marcus hosted a day of rage speak-out. In another display that the press is merely a propaganda arm for the far-right, no professional press showed, so it was recorded only by our membership. Given that it was outdoors and had no microphone other than what anyone might have been using, I realized I was being quite loud even though I did not take off my face mask to speak as many others did. After my speech, I was praised for raising my suspicion that Quinn had something to do with the deal based on the undue credit she was given for helping the bill to get passed. Another Neighbors Together member, Sarah, told us that she actually got on the phone with Council Member Levin and had a heated talk with him in which she wasn’t sure of she had called the City Council members “fuckboys” for adding that part to the bill. Person after person stepped forward and noted that this bill simply guarantees a revolving door back into the shelter system as Maria personally experienced with Mayor Bloomberg’s Advantage program. As it is, Mayor Bill De Blasio is planning a show-veto despite the bill’s veto-proof majority.

It’s just more of the same, so-called “non-profits” like WIN profiting off the backs of the homeless and the taxpayers for a service that can be described as mediocre at best. During my speech, I noted how for the entire eight years I was living in the shelter system that there was nothing they could do for me unless I got a job so long as Social Security denies me Disability on the grounds that I can work a desk job that absolutely no one within the system was willing to help me obtain, and with condescending remarks about how easy they thought it should be for someone with a master’s degree (priding themselves in their ignorance as someone with only an associate’s degree). The limit on a 1-bedroom apartment for a single adult is now up to $1,900, which, for me, means only that the Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) may get to dial back the supplemental voucher obtained for me by Craig Hughes of Urban Justice Center. That doesn’t really affect my everyday life, though. It doesn’t allow me the possibility of working to be able to support myself when the five years is over. Instead, to keep my apartment, I’ll be forced to look for a $72,000 job when I’m 50 years old and haven’t worked since 2018, an absurd proposal. I had hoped to get into the Composer/Librettist Development Program at the American Lyric Theater, which pays a $20,000 stipend for living expenses (but still below the poverty line) so that one can really devote a significant amount of time for the program. The same day as the press conference, I was alerted that I would not be among the finalists for the program. I knew going in that there were only six slots and 232 applicants, and that as an unproduced playwright (I mentioned my composing but applied only as a librettist because I could not provide orchestrated and sung work samples), I would be a long shot.

On the bright side, my LinkedIn account got reinstated, and I immediately played with fire by posting Jeremy Corbyn telling Jacobin that Israel must end the Siege of Gaza. My LinkedIn account was important when I thought I was going to be able to return to job searching, but now that I’m not, I treated it as worth the risk.

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Shown to Be a Liar and Thief

Her Courage to Change PAC website outright lies about its modus operandi.

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We Need a Stronger Informed Consent Law in New York State Hospitals.

My experience at St. Barnabas Hospital tells me that if I’m elected to the New York State Assembly, I need to draft stronger legislation regarding informed consent in hospitals. I was not informed about, nor did I consent to, a giant gash in my palm. That information was deliberately withheld from me in order to get my consent.

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NYS paid $366,000 to Keep Me Homeless for 8 years.

Helen Strom photographed me at today’s protest regarding Cuomo’s faux “moratorium” on evictions:

Safety Net Project of the Urban Justice Center@SafetyNetUJCNYS paid 366,000 to keep Scott homeless for 8 years. Hundreds of thousands more will be homeless if the State doesn’t act! We need NY to cancel rent, stop evictions and house the homeless now! #HousetheHomeless#HousingNotShelters

11:20 AM · Oct 1, 2020

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30 Reasons a Vote for Biden Is a Vote for Trump

Biden won’t save us / Keep it in the streets!

Article by Nathaniel Chase.

I counted 28 reasons in Nate’s article why Biden offers literally nothing the political left wants (direct quotations are Nate’s unless stated otherwise), and nothing that is in any way better than what Trump has to offer, and added some of my own.

  1. “From 2009 to 2017, while Biden was Barack Obama’s vice president, the U.S. deported more than 2.5 million undocumented migrants, more than had been deported during the entire 20th century. (, Aug. 29, 2016) Last November at a town hall event in Greenwood, S.C., a former undocumented migrant challenged Biden about his record of deportations. Biden’s response? “Vote for Trump.” Biden will not dismantle the very machine he helped build.” The facilities that Democrats have labeled “cages” were built by the Obama administration.
  2. “I do not support defunding the police.”–Joe Biden.  Never mind that even moderates support this.  Leftists call for police abolition.
  3. “Biden has engaged in a bit of doublespeak, opposing the deployment while also saying “anarchists should be prosecuted.” This statement criminalizes people for holding a particular political perspective, and offers a way for the ruling class to target its opponents as “anarchist” and arrest them. While condemning Trump, Biden actually endorses the principle of Trump’s policy.”
  4. Biden wrote the 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act which increased mass incarceration, especially of minorities and the poor.
  5. Biden selected a prosecutor known for giving black people harsher sentences than white people for comparable crimes as his running mate. That she is black and Asian makes her actions all the worse.
  6. “Biden has not demanded resumption of the $600/week benefit, instead offering a vague program of “employment insurance.””
  7. Biden has not pushed for undocumented migrants to receive benefits.
  8. Biden voted in favor of dismantling Aid to Families with Dependent Children in 1996, replacing it with the reactionary Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (emphasis on the “temporary”).
  9. Biden has criticized Trump for being soft on China.
  10. Biden has criticized Trump for being soft on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.
  11. Biden supported the 2003 invasion of Iraq.
  12. Biden supported sanctions on Iran.
  13. Biden supported the U.S. coup attempts and sanctions against Venezuela.
  14. Biden is a Zionist, supporting the racist ethno-fascist state of Israel, opposing the human rights of the Palestinian people.
  15. Biden supported Bill Clinton’s “brutal regime of sanctions that were responsible for the deaths of more than 500,000 Iraqi children.”
  16. The Obama/Biden administration continued the war in Afghanistan.
  17. The Obama/Biden administration continued the war in Iraq.
  18. The Obama/Biden administration “backtracked on a campaign promise to close Guantanamo Bay.”
  19. The Obama/Biden administration “began a $1 trillion modernization of the U.S. nuclear weapon arsenal.”
  20. The Obama/Biden administration carried out a coup in Honduras, “creating migration crises that continue to this day.”
  21. The Obama/Biden administration carried out a coup in Libya, converting it “from the most prosperous country in Africa into a place where enslaved people were publicly auctioned off.”
  22. An April 24 poll in Newsweek shows that 69% of registered voters support Medicare for All, but Biden sides with Trump and the insurance companies in opposing it.
  23. Tara Reade is one of a number of women accusing Biden of sexual assault.  The journalist who first publicized her complaint is the same journalist who first publicized Christine Blasey Ford’s  complaint against Brett Kavanaugh. Partisan Democrats attacked his credibility as soon as he came for their guy after previously embracing him.  In Biden’s own words, “If they believe Tara Reade, they probably shouldn’t vote for me.”  Considering her mother brought it up to Larry King a couple of decades ago, it makes sense to believe her now.  “Believe women when it’s convenient” would be the honest phrasing of partisan loyalists claiming to be feminists,
  24. Biden has been trying to cut social security for forty years.
  25. “Nothing would fundamentally change,” Biden said regarding his presidency at a Manhattan fundraiser in June.
  26. Biden praises white supremacists, for example, Senator James Eastland, who said, “What the people of this country must realize is that the white race is a superior race, and the Negro race is an inferior race.”
  27. “The loyalty of the Democratic Party is to the ruling class.”
  28. “The ever-worsening crisis of U.S. imperialism will not be addressed in the voting booth on Nov. 3.”
  29. Nate neglects to mention Biden’s direct involvement in the student loan crisis and his utter contempt for those whose degrees have not gotten them employment that enables them to pay back their loans.
  30. The Trump economy was a complete dumpster fire in terms of employment, with worse conditions than during the Bush recession of 2007-9, which officially ended during Obama’s first year but never really did.

I agree with Nate’s point that we need to rely on ourselves rather than Biden, organize, and fight the system. but it is also folly to ignore electoral politics (assuming that the election is not already rigged, which we have good reason to suspect that it is.  The majority of registered, let alone eligible, voters did not vote in the 2016 election.  “None of the above” is the true winner, but unless all those voters were to throw their support to a third party candidate, their voices will go unheard yet again.

I am not trying to argue that Hawkins is a perfect candidate for president.  I wouldn’t even try to claim that I’m a “perfect” candidate for State Assembly because there is not such a thing.

Democrats lied to us in 2016, claiming that a vote for Stein was a vote for Trump, and, as I posted the other day, opposing democracy by trying to force Green candidates off the ballot, when literally the only measurable difference between Biden and Trump is that Biden sexually assaulted fewer people, at least of whom we know.

A vote for Biden is a vote for Trump.  A vote for Hawkins is a vote for a probably-decent man who wrote an actual Green New Deal that Democrats co-opted in name only, running with a party with an excellent platform, and don’t let anyone tell you that it means you’re helping Trump, which has long ago been proven a canard

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Meet Your Incumbent, Erik Martin Dilan


· Career/legacy politician

· In the pocket of Big Real Estate, Rent Stabilization Association, REBNY bullies

· Corporate welfare for unaffordable “affordable housing”

· Illegally used his position to take an “affordable” apartment for which he earned too much[1]

· Kept vacant property count bill in committee when in City Council, leading Picture the Homeless to have a sleep out in front of his office.
1. New York Daily News , January 28, 201

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