Federal Campaign Issues

End Citizens United/corporate personhood

Create proportional representation voting systems

Restore Glass-Steagall banking restrictions

Medicare for All

Progressive taxation.

Sanctions for human rights abusing countries such as China, Malaysia, Israel, and Saudi Arabia

Nationwide version of Utah’s Housing First to end homelessness.

Abolishment of student debt.

Living wage jobs with reduced work hours and the right to form a union without hindrance from the employer

End the private prison system and the drug war. Free nonviolent drug offenders.

No wars with Iran, Russia, etc. Stop bombing countries without a declaration of war.

Abolishment of ICE and border passes for Mexican and Canadian citizens.

Expansion of public mass transit.

Ban hydrofracking.

Prison terms for legislators who (co-)sponsor bills that violate the Bill of Rights.


About Scott Andrew Hutchins

B.A., English and communication, Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis, 1999. M.A., cinema and media studies, The College of Staten Island of The City Unviersity of New York, 2005 Adobe Certified Associate in Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Flash 2011
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